A high-powered attorney turned 'stay-at-home' mom pounces at the chance to enforce her closeted Republican ways as PTA President leaving her fellow moms no choice but to bring her down by any means necessary.


Park Slope Moms is a female-centric dramedy set in an affluent, progressive neighborhood in Brooklyn. When closeted Republican, Carley Fuller-Fowler, becomes a stay-at-home mom she’s plunged into a competitive world of PTA fundraisers, cupcakes and neighborhood politics. Things take an ominous twist when her fellow moms decide to take matters into their own hands after Carley is elected PTA president and enforces her conservative views on child rearing. The other moms will stop at nothing to bring Carley down.


Creator, Alexandra Foucard has been a Park Slope Mom since 2002. She has watched the neighborhood expand into “stroller central” and all the kookiness that comes with it — From people weaving around baby strollers while out for morning jogs. Ritualistic walks taken before and after work with the obligatory dog making frequent stops for kiddy petting. Weekend trips to the organic Farmer's Market after yoga classes. Yes, Alexandra has taken part in all of it. She's even a vegan!

The idea for Park Slope Moms came when Alexandra took an acting class where she was assigned to create a new character and write a monologue every week. Serendipitously, a zany encounter with a mom on her way to class gave birth to Carlotta (Carley) Fuller-Fowler. She enlisted the help of screenwriter Anika Benkov. They created a world where the women tell the story. The men and children are never seen.