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 A Female-Centric Dramedy About The Underbelly of Motherhood.  

Two Moms hire a "Flusher/Fixer" after a former Wall Street  AAA personality becomes a stay at home Mom - Terrorizing the Brooklyn community as "PTA President".   "The Flusher"  uses extreme measures  to neutralize her.




Creator, Alexandra Foucard a Park Slope Mom since 2002.  She has watched the neighborhood expand into “stroller central” and all the kookiness that comes with it — From people weaving around baby strollers while out for morning jogs.  Ritualistic walks taken before and after work with the obligatory dog making frequent stops for kiddy petting.  Weekend trips to the organic Farmer's Market after yoga classes.  Yes, Alexandra has taken part in all of it.  She's even become a vegan! 

The idea for Park Slope Moms came when she took an acting class.  Foucard had to create a new character and bring in a monologue every week. Serendipitously, she had a zany encounter with a mom in Park Slope on her way to class.  That night Foucard gave birth to Carlotta (Carley) Fuller-Fowler.  She immediately wanted to create a world for Carley to live.  Alexandra enlisted the talents of screenwriter, Linda Fiorella.  And approached actors Heather Girardi, Irene Glezos, and Leanne Barrineau .  The actors were asked to write a description of their characters.  Then Alexandra and Linda added an arc weaving in the characters; using Carley’s monologue as the cornerstone for the web series.