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Park Slope Moms is a comedy that exposes the dark underbelly of  "stay at home moms" vying for status  in an affluent neighborhood and stopping at nothing to be  of the "in crowd". 


Carlotta (Carley) Fuller-Fowler, a type AAA personality and high powered attorney, reluctantly trades in her Prada suit for yoga pants when she becomes a stay at home mom and assumes the role of PTA president in a "touchy feely" Brooklyn neighborhood. Fellow moms Paula and Angela support Carley, but when she goes too far, they side with Nina, “the new mom”, who makes it her mission to take Carley down.

With the whimsical absurdity of Suborgatory and the heightened fabulousness of Girlfriends Guide To Divorce this female-centric comedy asks the question…

How do moms really behave when none is watching?




Creator, Alexandra Foucard a Park Slope Mom since 2002.  She has watched the neighborhood expand into “stroller central” and all the kookiness that comes with it — From people weaving around baby strollers while out for morning jogs.  Ritualistic walks taken before and after work with the obligatory dog making frequent stops for kiddy petting.  Weekend trips to the organic Farmer's Market after yoga classes.  Yes, Alexandra has taken part in all of it.  She's even become a vegan! 

The idea for Park Slope Moms came when Alexandra took an acting class where she was assigned to create a new character and write a monologue every week. Serendipitously, a zany encounter with a mom on her way to class she gave birth to Carlotta (Carley) Fuller-Fowler.  She enlisted the help of screenwriter Linda Fiorella and they began to weave Carley’s world in Park Slope.