Park Slope Moms

I am reaching to my Tribe before I do any crowd-funding.

I am seeking lovers of art who are intelligent, inspired, and would like to support a project that I have created and am extremely proud of. 

We are about to film a web series and I need producers within the next 3 weeks. Seriously. I must find my producers before October 1st. 

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The web series, Park Slope Moms, is being developed into a television show and pitched to networks and online streaming companies.  It’s a similar process to the Emmy nominated Insecure which also began as a web series.

Our crew is working for a nominal fee, that includes our Director, Annetta Marion (the Executive Producer and Co-Director of Oprah Winfrey’s Masterclass).  I am blessed with a crew who believes in the show and are committed to having it produced.  To list some of the items will need: rental equipment (a professional camera used for film, lighting equipment, sound equipment),  insurance, food, wardrobe, locations and an equipment travel van!

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Park Slope Moms, is a female-centric dark comedy about Carley Fuller-Fowler, a triple AAA personality and former high-powered Wall Street executive who trades her Prada suits for yoga pants but can’t seem to leave her corporate ways behind as she engages the politically correct, gluten free, “everyone’s a winner”, cupcake baking moms of Brooklyn.

We have THREE WEEKS to Raise the budget! 

Here is why…We have to file 4 weeks before we shoot with the Directors Guild of America and 3 weeks with SAG-AFTRA.  Both unions require existing funds before our paperwork is approved. 

We are shooting the first week of November.  Arrangements are being made with a fiscal sponsor to assure your donations are fully tax deductible. We need 25K to finish the web series. But only, 15K to begin production (I intend to raise the rest while we’re shooting).  My goal is to raise the money in either $1500 or $3000 increments or more so that the individual donors can be acknowledged on screen, as Co-Producers or Executive Producers depending on the amount.  If you are unable to donate in those increments, any amount you are able to give will be helpful and greatly appreciated. 

If you’re thinking, I have no idea how to help then that is OKAY! Please share this letter.

Thank you for your love and support!

With deep gratitude,

Alexandra and my team