Carley Fuller- Fowler

Former VP of HR for Merrill Lynch. Moved to Park Slope 7 years ago from Manhattan (Tribeca).  Married to Peter Fowler for 17 years.  Peter is a partner at Wrecket LLP.  They live in a 4 story brownstone in Park Slope with their 7 year old Miles Fuller-Fowler and 2 ½ year old Penelope Fuller-Fowler.  Carley is a stay at home mom and is a member of the Park Slope Moms (Who now include dads) but hasn’t changed the name.    Carley is now the new president of PS 519.   She’s very territorial. Views herself as a ” do – gooder”.  She recently made her whole family vegans.


Paula Osterberg

Burlesque name, Mona Citrone. She graduated from Colombia University with an MBA. She tells her friends that she worked for many years on Wall Street as a CFO and General Manager and lived on the upper west side with a balcony overlooking Central Park. In reality she shared a loft in Alphabet City with an experimental dance troupe until she got pregnant while on the pill and using condoms and was a massively successful ghost writer for celebrities like the “stars” of Jersey Shore. She now lives in Park Slope Brooklyn with her husband Duncan and their son Zeek. She is reluctantly very involved in Park Slope and a member of the PTA.


Angela Polo

(Neé Lee) married out of college and immediately started trying to get pregnant. After years of trying and fertility treatments, Angela finally got pregnant and never stopped. She takes amazing care of her kids, and the kids of her friends and neighbors who didn’t really want to be stay-at-home moms. In her limited free time Angela packs and unpacks from various moves to stay in the constantly changing boundaries for attendance at the best Public School in New York City. She’d do anything to keep her three daughters (Aretha, Janis, and Mavis) and two twin sons (Mick and Keith) in that school, including bribing childless friends to let her use their prime in-zone addresses as her own.


Nina Stanfield

 (Neé Minkowitz) Who is she? Depends on who you ask. If you ask the natives of a certain island in the South Pacific on which she is no longer welcome... Once a member of the Peace Corps, she's gone through untold careers until she found her true calling. Lonely and imaginative as a child, Nina has persuaded herself that her life is of covert and profound importance. She still carries a torch for Leanne after a college fling that ended too abruptly and secretly re-watches episodes of The L Word while her partner Brooke is at her high paying job. She is an enigma even to their dog, Ariadne of Naxos.