The Park Slope Moms


Carley Fuller- Fowler

A closeted Republican and high powered attorney is plunged into the world of bake sales and yoga pants when she becomes a stay-at-home mom in an affluent neighborhood in Brooklyn after baby number two. Just as she's having second thoughts about her decision she's thrust into the position of PTA President. Conservative Carley uses this opportunity to "fix" the moms views on parenting.


Paula Osterberg

Carley's best frenemy, fantasies about living in the East Village and growing medicinal marijuana. To deal with bake sales, her husband and son, Paula uses "liquid courage" and on occasion, pop some pills. Carley and Paula, secretly share the desire of wanting to escape Park Slope. But, when Paula is caught in the crosshairs of Carley's PTA tyranny she forms unexpected alliances to knock her off her throne.


Angela Polo

She will do anything to keep her kids in PS519; which means keeping Carley happy. Carley lets Angela use her home address so her kids can attend the coveted PS519. Angela decides to become a surrogate mom to help pay for an apartment for her 5 kids and husband in PS519's district. Seven month's pregnant, Angela is reaching her boiling point with Carley’s continuous demands for bake sale vegan cupcakes.


Nina Stanfield

She and her partner are new to the neighborhood. She immediately vies for "Top Mom" position, threatening Carley's current reason for existence. Nina's stealth ways evoke much intrigue among the other moms, even Carley. However, Carley pushes back by tweaking Nina's buttons; especially her fear of icing. CIA Special Agent Nina, at least that's what she claims, won't back down without a fight as she waits for her next assignment from the CIA.