Our Team

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Creator, Executive Producer, Writer, and Actor

Alexandra Foucard is a Grammy-nominated, Broadway actor. She views herself as a renaissance creator for the twenty-first century, she sets her own boundaries. Born in Haiti to French/Spaniard and Dominican/Haitian parents, the New York based actor considers herself a spicy mix of cultures and ethnicities with a big dollop of spirituality. Foucard is passionate about empowering other artists; especially women, and people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

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Annetta Marion is an award-winning director and Primetime Emmy- nominated producer. She recently was part of NBC Universals Alternative Directors Program on the set of Amy Poehler’s show Making It. She recently directed the television special Oprah Goes to Broadway: The Color Purple that premiered on OWN 12/19/2015. Annetta is currently the Co-Executive Producer and a Director on the acclaimed television series Oprah’s Master Class. She has also directed over 20 scripted projects including award-winning short films, a web series, commercials and numerous PSAs.Annetta is a graduate of AFI’s prestigious Directing Workshop for Women; and an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Director’s Guild of America, Producer’s Guild of America, and a NYWIFT board member.

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Anika Benkov is an emerging genderqueer comedy writer and filmmaker based in NYC, with a tendency to look for beauty in the bizarre and inspiration in the inexplicable. Previous works have included 'How Darwin Ruined My Sex Life' (published in 'Philosophy Now' magazine, 2014), 'A Friend' (staged at the Riant Theatre's Strawberry One Act Festival in 2016), and recent short film 'Seeking Someone Who's Hair I Can Brush' (2018). Anika received their BA in Creative Writing from Columbia University in 2016. Upon graduating, they reflected that it might perhaps have been wise to pursue something more practical, like independent filmmaking, which is why they returned to their alma mater in 2018 to receive their MFA in Screenwriting/Directing at Columbia University School of the Arts MFA Program.

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Jane Applegate is an award-winning writer/producer and production consultant who specializes in producing ultra-low budget films with high production values. She produced To Keep the Light, a period drama about a lighthouse keeper in the 1870’s, written and directed by Erica Fae. TKTL won about two dozen small film festival awards. Jane is currently producing a documentary series about sex therapists and a podcast series, The Trouble with Sex, available on Apple Podcasts and other platforms. She served as supervising producer on five Discovery Channel live action and animated specials and was a writer and producer for Bloomberg TV, CNBC, CNN and PBS. She also wrote, produced and directed, Brain Attack: A Stroke Survival Guide, narrated by Al Roker, for NBC.


Line Producer

Stephanie Dawson is New York-based production professional with experience in long and short form narrative, commercial, and non-fiction content; Project management-oriented, highly organized and effective team leader who enjoys paperwork, engenders a pleasant environment and often breaks into song.


Associate Producer

Christine Shaw is a Brooklyn born Documentary Filmmaker and Associate Producer. She’s passionate about creating socially relevant documentaries that shine a positive light on the issues facing the African American and Caribbean community. Her documentary "From Prison to NYU" was featured in the 2012 African American Women in Cinema Festival. She recently directed and filmed the Ghost in the Shell PSA which was an official selection for the Women of the Lens festival in 2017. Christine is currently in post production for a documentary about steel bands in Brooklyn and the journey they take to compete in the annual Panorama competition.